About us

Who we are

A history of excellence in travel

Founded by our current CEO Peter Reglar, Ickenham Travel Group was established nearly 50 years ago. It began with the opening of the first Ickenham Travel retail shop, located in Ickenham itself, which focused entirely on leisure travel. By 1975, we had launched ‘Ickenham Business Travel’ and over the next 20 years, expanded the company to open up corporate travel branches in Hillingdon, Northwood, Harrow, Rickmansworth, Ruislip and Uxbridge. We began to establish ourselves within both the leisure and business travel market and were widely recognised for our exceptional service and innovation within the market. 

A shared vision

While we may serve different markets, it is our focus on innovation and our determination to remain ahead of the curve that brings us together. We truly care; having the best people in our respective industries supported by the most cutting edge technology enables us to care better than anyone else.